Saturday, August 4, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookies at Home

"... their children will be a blessing." Psalm 37:26b

Summer continues...Timothy and Nathaniel both visited in July. Timothy was here almost a week and Nathaniel was here a week and a half.  Their visits overlapped on one full day.  I really enjoyed their visits.  Now they are off in different directions--Nathaniel to a new base in Georgia and Timothy to college in Puerto Rico.   Earlier this summer I posted my recipe for soft chocolate chip cookies and pictures of the batch I sent to Nathaniel for his birthday.  While he was here I made him chocolate chip cookies.  Here is a picture of him enjoying them.

Nathaniel enjoying freshly made chocolate chip cookies at home
Of course, I have to post a picture of Nathaniel in his Navy uniform.  He is now Petty Officer Walker, a Hebrew linguist.  It's so funny to have to look up to my son!

Looking up to my son~my favorite sailor!
Just in case you missed the post with the chocolate chip cookie is a link to it:

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